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At Danielle Marie Nutrition, no matter where you are at currently with your nutrition, I can help you advance towards your goals. 


I make nutrition easy to understand and make your goals attainable.

I offer personalized nutrition coaching for all individuals looking to improve their quality of life, body composition, relationship with food, and much more. Along with guidance and education, I will provide accountability to keep you on track and moving towards your goals. 


I’ve been in your position and I know the struggle.

My Name is Danielle Shimley. I am a CrossFit gym owner and coach. I started Danielle Marie Nutrition two years ago after becoming a certified nutrition coach. Since then I have helped hundreds find food freedom and confidence in their ability to navigate nutrition. My passion for the last eight years has been health and fitness. Prior to my life as it is now, I was consumed by lack of direction and drive. Once I found CrossFit and started working with a nutrition coach, I realized I had so much more to offer. I began to see my body and mind transform. I now want to provide my clients with as much knowledge as possible. I want to give them the tools to create their best life. What I have learned is that it comes down to mindset and knowing when to ask for help. I want to be that help for people who feel lost or unsure or in need of extra accountability to stay focused. 

What some of our clients said...


I came to Danielle a few months back in a very lost and extremely vulnerable state. I came to her not just because I need to lose weight, but because being healthy and strong is so very important to me. The truth is, she’s so much more than a nutrition coach. Danielle has been my biggest fan to help celebrate my victories no matter how big or small, my voice of reason when times get tough, and the best person in the world to help you defeat the mental blocks that go along with changing bad habits into good ones. I trust everything this girl does and the way she does it because her clients’ health is at the forefront of all her moves. Danielle digs deeper than just an aesthetic by being conscious and considerate of bigger issues (hormones, sleep, blood sugar, etc.) that will result in safe, healthy, and forever kind of results. This program is a life changer.


“I was skeptical about the process. I sported a middle-aged, non-athletic dad-bod who still thought he had the metabolism of a 22-year-old. I slowly watched my waistline grow over the years, and realized one day that although I always dreamed of having six-pack abs, the road I was headed down was not one that led to that dream. Add to that some pretty significant body-image issues, and I knew a change had to be made. I may not have the body of a fitness model, but it does the soul good when you hear “damn dude, you’re looking great.” 

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