Precise Fitness Programs

Fitness programs are tailored specifically to your ability and fitness goals.

Capped Class Sizes

Capping our class sizes means you get the attention you deserve every session.

Community & Accountability

Our community is our greatest asset. Making lifelong friends that help challenge, motivate and inspire you.

Specialized Trainers in Every Session

Our friendly expertly trained coaches are here to help at each class you attend.

Funtional Training

We use functional movements that your body was designed to do. Preparing you for life, everyday.

Free Online Workout Logging

Record your PR's, log your workouts and celebrate other members when they achieve fitness goals through our smartphone app.

Large Clean Facility

We want to make sure you are protected by keeping the place you visit most, clean and inviting.

Classes that Challenge

Our class programming, whether HIIT, Cross Training, RowFit, will consistently challenge you so you can reach your fitness goals.

New & Maintained Equipment

Our equipment is purchased new and maintained weekly, monthly and quarterly according to maintenance schedules.


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